Flatliners (2017)

Flatliners (2017)
  • In Theaters: September 29, 2017
  • MPAA Rating: PG-13 for violence and terror, sexual content, language, thematic material, and some drug references.
  • Genres: Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller
  • Run Time: 1 Hour 55 Minutes
  • Distributors: Co: Columbia Pictures, Sony Pictures Releasing, Cross Creek Pictures, Furthur Films, Laurence Mark Productions
  • Stars: Ellen Page, Diego Luna, Nina Dobrev, James Norton, Kiersey Clemons, Kiefer Sutherland, Beau Mirchoff
  • Directors: Niels Oplev
  • Writer: Ben Ripley
A group of medical students subject themselves to near-death experiences in order to see if anything lies beyond the big sleep. The members of the group are then revisited by physical manifestations of childhood sins, but they are not sure if what they are facing is real or hallucination.

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