The Killing of a Sacred Deer (2017)

The Killing of a Sacred Deer (2017)
  • In Theaters: October 13, 2017
  • MPAA Rating: PG-13 for thematic elements including drug addiction, some disturbing images and brief partial nudity
  • Genres: Drama, Horror, Mystery, Thriller
  • Run Time: 2 Hour 1 Minutes
  • Distributors: Momentum Pictures , Dune Entertainment, October Sky Films, Sonar Entertainment
  • Stars: Colin Farrell, Nicole Kidman, Barry Keoghan, Raffey Cassidy, Sunny Suljic, Alicia Silverstone, Bill Camp
  • Directors: Yorgos Lanthimos
  • Writer: Yorgos Lanthimos, Efthimis Filippou
The movie begins with a solemn blast of a Schubert Stabat Mater, and a graphic close-up of the final stages of open-heart surgery, before cutting to cardiologist Steven Murphy (Farrell) and his anesthesiologist and friend Matthew (Bill Camp) walking the Cincinnati hospital corridor discussing wristwatches. The conversation might be innocuous, even banal, but the distance of the shot, the deliberate pace of the reverse camera movement and the subtle scrutiny of the composition signal an insidious underlying mood.

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